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Waterfowl Call

1.99 usd

Use the 28 high quality hunting calls to improves your skills for bringing in Goose and Duck.Waterfowl call is a handy app with a variety of high quality waterfowl hunting calls, added Solunar phase and rating as a bonus. Get the latest and greatest waterfowl hunting call and harvest a productive season. Or use it to goof around with your friends. You can also set your favorite waterfowl sound to your ringtone and hear them calling any time.Canada Goose Greylag Goose Mallard Duck Pintail Duck Snow GooseTeal Widgeon Wood Duck
Murmur Feeding Greeting GroundHail Comeback Lonesome Laydown Moan
If you intend to use the calls for hunting, check first your local game laws for legal use.